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Video Game Song F.T.W.

2008-12-22 00:39:46 by Michael425

Hey everyone. I have made my first video game inspired song. It is called Extreme-G

Extreme-G was one of the best games for the Nintendo 64 and one of the best racing games of all time.

I tried to give this song this same fast paced style that the game had. It has some Fast Melodies and Fast Drums. ((I made both myself. No arpeggios.))
I have spent the past few weeks working on it.
Well, check it out and maybe even drop a review if you want.

P.S. I have a Classical song in the works.


Video Game Song F.T.W.


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2008-12-22 01:02:45

Haha, I actually remember this game.
I don't remember much, but it was an awesome game!

Michael425 responds:

Yeah man, it was awesome.

So I needed to make a tribute song for it.


2008-12-22 01:37:20

woah woah woah... you didn't tell me a bout a classical song in the works.

Michael425 responds:

yeah, its a pretty epic piano/orchestral piece.


2008-12-26 20:06:53

Daayumm! And here I thought I was the only guy who actually knew about the XG series.

Throwback had better make a sequel that does them justice.

Michael425 responds:

Yeah man. This game was amazing. They should keep on making more.


2008-12-29 00:58:20

woah woah woah, where'd the credit for the banner and icon go?!!?!? LOL

Michael425 responds:

haha, it was up for like 2 months.


2008-12-31 02:10:22

haha so dude?


2009-01-02 16:10:47

Hahahaha man o man I miss the game and if I had a 64 I would play it again and again.