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new song released!!! + 1 in the works

2009-01-14 02:49:57 by Michael425

Hey everybody I have just released my newest techno song called "CraZe"
It took me a good couple of weeks to get all of the melodies down but I think it was worth the time. It was a cool song to make especially since it's at 160 bpm which is a bit faster than I usually make.

Anyways, I hope you like it.

Also, I am planning on entering a song into this months MAC9, so expect another song real soon (before February 1st). It is a piano/orchestral mix that is going pretty well. So stay tuned. I will start getting songs out more rapidly.



EDIT: Thanks for the spot on Top 5, and Top 30 everyone.


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2009-01-21 15:26:30

craze is is a nice song, have you made it in FL studio?

Michael425 responds:

yes sir, FL 8.


2009-01-22 09:20:16

faved the song

Michael425 responds:

thank you very much.


2009-01-22 10:26:09

hahaha went round mates they had volume on max put song on and BANG lol

Michael425 responds:

haha, that's awesome.


2009-01-22 20:48:31

Hey man, I loved the song (as you most likely already know), I'm the dude that made that Alarm for cobra 11 video with your song, the one with the glitches and shit. Just wanted to let you know I love all your work!

Michael425 responds:

haha your vid was awesome man, thanks again for using my song.

Glad you liked it. Thanks for the support.


2009-01-22 21:29:44

I love your song. Would it be ok if i could use in one of my upcomming flashes.

Michael425 responds:

hell yeah, I'd love to see it in a flash vid/game man.


2009-01-27 16:02:05

Well that new song blew my mind

Michael425 responds:

haha thanks.


2009-01-28 05:48:50

song took off top 5 but put on top best songs ever

Michael425 responds:

haha yeah.


2009-01-28 10:58:18

holy shit, can't believe that you answer all of the reviews you get.
I mean, I'd try since I love getting reviews, but like 100+ answered reviews on every song?

You got devoted fans, and we appreciate that you take your time answering our reviews :D

Cheers ^^

Michael425 responds:

yeah i try. It's pretty hard to respond to all haha.


2009-01-29 23:21:45

this shit sounds godly in the car man, keep it up and keep me posted on upcoming releases ;)

Michael425 responds:

will do man.

Glad you liked it that much.

Thank you.


2009-01-31 09:42:33

yea it desene 2 be da #1 song

Michael425 responds:

thanks man.