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MAC9 Submission is out.

2009-02-02 00:17:00 by Michael425

For those of you who have enjoyed my previous submissions on NG, this is a bit of a change of pace.

{425} No One Else MAC9

This piece was geared specifically towards the MAC9 contest which has a set theme. The song is entirely orchestral, so I hope you guys enjoy it. Stay tuned because I will have new techno/trance songs dropping very soon. Thanks for the support.



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2009-02-06 20:11:16

I can see the song with a ribbon saying 1st place winner! You have a natural talent for music and I wouldn't be surprised if you became a musician. Keep up the awesome work and bring on the music.

Bearpaw Productions (Bpp)

Michael425 responds:

Thanks for the support man


2009-02-13 14:36:12

I really LOVE all of your songs
LOL i thought i hated classical music but this totally made me change my mind!
Keep it up!! ;)

Michael425 responds:

thank you man .

I will keep the songs coming.


2009-02-15 20:52:05

Hey man just stopped by to tell you that i released a new track, its called Tell Me Why and its a hands up styled radio edit me and a friend did =) And also that your newer songs are GREAT!!! ;) Ill review them tomorrow, for real! =D

Cu later m8!


2009-02-23 13:03:39

Hey, what do you make your songs with? CraZe, to be specific.

Michael425 responds:

FL Studio 8.


2009-03-22 17:11:44

It took me a moment before realizing that that cello is upside down, lol.

Michael425 responds:

hahaha yeah, that's the way to get the best sound out of a cello. LOL.