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New songs COMING SOON!

2009-06-12 22:36:05 by Michael425

I know it's been months since my last
submission, but I have new songs in the works.

Also, I will be getting a new computer so I should be
able to pump out more songs soon.

Thanks for listenin.

I'll hit you guys up with a PM when my newest track is out.



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2009-06-15 14:51:17

Hahahhahhahahahhaha dude!

by: Phishi
date: 14 hours agoyou didnt create anything new. i've heard every single one of those beats in other songs on NG. this is just a new way to compose them.
10 hours ago
Author's Response:
yeah, I actually cut out parts of other peoples songs and just sliced them together.
thanks for the detailed review and accurate score.

Hahah awesome response !

love ya for it :D

Michael425 responds:

haha thank you for understanding my sarcasm.


2009-08-20 09:48:06

Hey, can you please PM me too? I Love all your music :)

Michael425 responds:

for sure. I will be messaging everyone.


2009-09-12 20:48:57

New stuff, yes please. Dude check the PM I sent you. Got some qvestions.
Peace out


2009-10-06 16:41:07

you pm me when new songs come out k?


2009-10-12 01:11:41

craze was badass