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Had to make a song for my man XenoxX!!!

2009-11-13 04:08:49 by Michael425

Just released a short new song to keep you guys interested. This isn't a front page worthy song but I think it's pretty fun to listen to.

Made this one for my man XenoxX.

Go and check out his stuff at:

Hope you like it.

Had to make a song for my man XenoxX!!!


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2009-11-18 15:20:44

The song should be in the front page. Its cool.


2009-12-09 08:08:35

Yup, fully agree. why not, its a great song.

Good job 425.
Im still listening to your other song (craze) alot, since its on my playlist
that one is great 2


2009-12-09 18:43:22

Wanna know something funny... I like nothing like that lol ^^^^


2010-10-17 22:49:58