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Been a long time...

2017-04-01 06:11:55 by Michael425

Just watched the YouTube video 'Newgrounds - The Foundation of the Future of Animation' and decided to log back in. 

Link to the video:

Might have to start uploading some tunes again.



2012-01-14 22:02:05 by Michael425

It turns out releasing a song every day of the year just isn't feasible. I'm still trying to work on songs every day but I will probably release one every week instead of daily.

Stay tuned for more songs.


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Music Project 366

2012-01-02 01:09:22 by Michael425

As a new years resolution I am attempting to make a new song every day for the entire year. I hope this will not only make me a better musician/producer, but also a more organized person all together.

I just uploaded Day 1.

1 down, 365 to go so stay tuned for daily music from different genres.

Listen, Rate, Review, Download, Share and most importantly Enjoy!



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2011-04-16 20:17:42 by Michael425

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First track of 2010

2010-11-27 19:26:35 by Michael425

Hey everyone I have finally uploaded the finished version of my song "Wasted".

Go take a listen and leave me a comment. Make sure to download if you like it.


Had to make a song for my man XenoxX!!!

2009-11-13 04:08:49 by Michael425

Just released a short new song to keep you guys interested. This isn't a front page worthy song but I think it's pretty fun to listen to.

Made this one for my man XenoxX.

Go and check out his stuff at:

Hope you like it.

Had to make a song for my man XenoxX!!!

New songs COMING SOON!

2009-06-12 22:36:05 by Michael425

I know it's been months since my last
submission, but I have new songs in the works.

Also, I will be getting a new computer so I should be
able to pump out more songs soon.

Thanks for listenin.

I'll hit you guys up with a PM when my newest track is out.


MAC9 Submission is out.

2009-02-02 00:17:00 by Michael425

For those of you who have enjoyed my previous submissions on NG, this is a bit of a change of pace.

{425} No One Else MAC9

This piece was geared specifically towards the MAC9 contest which has a set theme. The song is entirely orchestral, so I hope you guys enjoy it. Stay tuned because I will have new techno/trance songs dropping very soon. Thanks for the support.


new song released!!! + 1 in the works

2009-01-14 02:49:57 by Michael425

Hey everybody I have just released my newest techno song called "CraZe"
It took me a good couple of weeks to get all of the melodies down but I think it was worth the time. It was a cool song to make especially since it's at 160 bpm which is a bit faster than I usually make.

Anyways, I hope you like it.

Also, I am planning on entering a song into this months MAC9, so expect another song real soon (before February 1st). It is a piano/orchestral mix that is going pretty well. So stay tuned. I will start getting songs out more rapidly.



EDIT: Thanks for the spot on Top 5, and Top 30 everyone.

Video Game Song F.T.W.

2008-12-22 00:39:46 by Michael425

Hey everyone. I have made my first video game inspired song. It is called Extreme-G

Extreme-G was one of the best games for the Nintendo 64 and one of the best racing games of all time.

I tried to give this song this same fast paced style that the game had. It has some Fast Melodies and Fast Drums. ((I made both myself. No arpeggios.))
I have spent the past few weeks working on it.
Well, check it out and maybe even drop a review if you want.

P.S. I have a Classical song in the works.


Video Game Song F.T.W.